Due to acute yearning: Two Ireland specials!

Feeling spontaneous?

25 % Discount on weddings in Ireland between the 21st und 28th November 2017 if you book until 23.10.17 !


And for your Irish summer:

20% discount on weddings and baptisms in Ireland between the 20th June 2018 and 14th August 2018 if you book until 30.11.2017!

During this time in 2018, I will pay for my journey to and from Ireland myself. That means local travel fares for you.



What shall I say. Everybody immediately gets pictures when mentioning this name.

Why not marry there?

Right. That’s what I think.

And since I miss it dearly right now, I decided to come up with two specials.

If you think about marrying or renewing your oath spontaneously and find Ireland in autumn perfect for this, look forward to a discount of 25% on your wedding!

For a bit more planning time consider the second offer: It might be high season, but it’s Ireland. So you’ll get a 20% discount for your wedding or baptism between the 20th of June and the 14th of August 2018 if you book until 30.11.17.

Plus, it’s quite probable that the date will be close to my seminars in Cork and Kerry. So I take the step and directly offer local travel fares. That means that, whereever in the Republic of Ireland you might want to marry or celebrate a baptism, I will calculate the travel expenses from Cork/ Kerry, and take the journey to and from Ireland itself on my own account.

Join the ride?




See you in Ireland! 🙂



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