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Thank you for the support!

Everything was well-fit and I felt myself being in good hands with you. I really felt accompanied by you. So just accept this praise. That a stranger could come that close is quite unusual for me. You are extraordinary empathic.

Sabine W. (translated by R. Klohe)

Personal, emotional, vivid

From the first contact up to the wedding and the celebration afterwards – Robert fully went along with our wishes and surpassed all our expectations.

The topic of our wedding was “The 50s”. Robert attuned his wedding speech to the topic, interlaced our understanding of this motto and emphasized our attributes and quirks in a very empathic way. He took into consideration our rather shy character so that we stood in the center of attention without it feeling like being on a stage – Ben and I were thus able to fully focus on ourselves and the moment.

We had expected a wedding speech that in no way would be “off the rack”. But Robert beat even our boldest expectations by knocking over the full concept of a wedding as we would imagine it and creating something really unique – a memory of our big day that no-one will forget. Our guests were thrilled as well – we heard more than once that you could recognize us in each and every of his words.

Dear Robert,

You are a unique celebrant, a unique person. Nobody but you would have planned and designed such a wonderful ceremony for us. You gave us a wonderful gift – a memory of our big day that hopefully never fades. We are very, very grateful for your commitment, your patience with us and the other participants, your sensitive, emotional words and your calming manner that completely took away our nervosity.

Best regards


Änni und Ben Schneider (translated by R. Klohe)

A perfect day

It was a perfect day, everything was consistent, despite the enormous heat! Thank you very much, dear Robert, we couldn’t have imagined a better baptism for “our little one”! It was a wonderful day!

Marion Wukasch (translated by R. Klohe)

Made things easy

This guy is truly amazing! Very quick and responsive. Very thorough with explanations. Made things easy to understand and asked great questions to produce great answers!

Alexander Moore (übersetzt v. R. Klohe)

5 stars

So much to integrate, got so much from this. Beautifully done. Thank you.

brionybotha (übersetzt v. R. Klohe)

Thank you for the journey

Going to take me some time to work through the amount of information given, but it is mindblowing with accuracy and direction. Thank you and bless you for the journey you took!

carelpiet (übersetzt v. R. Klohe)

Insightful reading

Very interesting and unique way of getting an impression of my state of being. Fun and insightful detailed reading..! Thank you so much.

joyfuljune (übersetzt v. R. Klohe)





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