Special offer: Games Fair Essen 2017

This weekend will see the games fair in Essen, Germany.

That means for me a colorful range of new inspiration, and of course, I will report on it. – If you are curious, have a look at Instagramm. 🙂

But I freely admit that I also love this part of my job because I am a passionate gamer and roleplayer myself. So the fair will be pleasant work for me indeed.

In order to share some of that joy with you, here is my special offer:
10% on all bookings with the topic of games (and related stuff 🙂 )

For that, just write, twitter or ask me in person for more information at some point from the 26th to 29th October 2017.

This offer is not combinable with other offers. However, if it overlaps with another, I will apply the best discount for you and add a little extra. Means, for example, if you want to marry in Ireland in July and games are your beloved topic for the event, you’ll get the 20% discount for it taking place in Ireland plus a little suprise at the wedding from me.

I’m looking forward to meeting you. Enjoy the fair! 🙂


P.S.: For more information about weddings, you might also have a look at my wedding themed page www.Herzensbund.com

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