For Companies

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship,
stories are the thing we need most in the world.”
– Philip Pullman

For companies, I offer my services as grief councellor. With it, I support teams in processing their loss and the executive board in preparing for a possible bereavement.

When an employee dies, there is often not enough room for the emotions of their colleagues. Many feel left alone with the situation. This, despite us spending a large part of our waking time with our colleagues at work. Over the years, mutual stories evolved, bonds and sometimes unsolved conflicts.

Death needs space in order to be processed. I am here to help. With respectful, empathic ceremonies, private conversations and the design of digital keepsake rooms. I collect your stories and create the farewell and memory according to your wishes and ideas.

Prevention is a further topic dear to me. For this, I help prepare for a possible loss and hold talks about death as a concept to enrich life, in lectures, seminars and private talks. Let us make an appointment for a meeting without obligation.

  • Creating and holding eulogies
  • Designing ceremonies
  • Documenting and keeping stories
  • Holding space for grief and memory, online and offline
  • Councelling in private conversation
  • Seminars and lectures for employees
  • Grief councelling in companies




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