On the train to the Digina – And Ego rides along

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On my way to the #DigiNa in #Munich.

I feel curious and hesitating at the same time. Of course I am curious: I keep wondering how far Germany might have already come in this topic; I’m excited about the people I will possibly meet there, and the common grounds we might find.

The #Digina is a conference about all things #DigitalLegacy.

A question creeps up to my mind: What would I have to do with that topic? Of course, I offer my services as a celebrant and talk with people about #Death and #ThereAfter. I even use the internet for it. During my research, I read and heard quite a lot about the topic.

And still, #Legacy, me? More so, something with #computers?

Ego clearly displays in this how dearly it wants to hold on the idea that there is nothing important to say and even less to leave behind. Something tricks you into thinking that the internet is “but virtual anyway” and, as someone said lately, “when your’re gone, you’re gone, it’s just no new posts anymore”.

Yet, everyday I bear witness that it is not as simple – and sad-. It starts with me writing this and other texts and thus turning the first idea into a weird irony. How wrong the second assumption proves… There are reasons I write a book about that.

Everything in this ‘place’ has to do with real people. On both sides of the screen. We just tend to forget that all too easily.

So I am producing virtual content right now. But a quick jotting down of thoughts during a train journey.

Not the first one. I guess everybody writes down something, almost every day.

Digital Legacy? What for?

What will happen with my texts?

The pictures, the photos that I put online?

My internet page? The memories?

Ebay? Amazon? What about the bank account, the contracts, the obligations working via the #internet?

What about my conversations? The people I know? My friends? The people that maybe I “only” know via the internet?

“Gone” and “just no posts anymore” is neither desirable nor a pleasant perspective nor a realistic option. Even if to oneself it doesn’t matter: It is not only about me, but about quite many people.

And it needs decisions.

America and Great Britain are quite advanced already when it comes to Digital Legacy and Care. I’m looking forward to learn more about what’s happening in Germany.

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