My Vita

“In the end we’re all stories.
Just make it a good one, eh?”
– The Doctor, Dr Who

In order to tell stories, you have to collect them. I was fortunate enough to live through quite a few already.

I started early with creating stories and bringing them to life in games with friends. Due to my fascination with things and texts handed down, of people and motives I began to study History after my final exam. This was the founding stone of my research and writing work. During the study, I worked for roleplay companies, advised customers and designed first events.

But migraine and fibromyalgic attacks caused increasing problems to me. They had started during early childhood and became more intense and limiting over time. In order to finally help myself I studied Naturopathy. I soon wanted to be able to support others with it as well. I became a Heilpraktiker, a certified alternative therapist. The following work with people of all walks offered me insight into many methods as well as in issues. Among them the often difficult areas of bereavement and death.

But I didn’t yet dare to engage fully in these topics. While I myself was almost free of pain, my life was still dictated by searching, questioning and doubting. The second phase of re-orientation started here.

I continued my work as a Heilpraktiker, and pursued my love for theater and film at the same time. I signed up for Theater, Film and Media Sciences, attended acting and directing training and founded theater groups. This love for play has a special place in my work until today.

After this, I thought it was time to ‘finally decide’. But then I realized: All of my work and study, my apparently incoherent decisions came together to a unique combination for the vocation that manifested before me. I continued to extend my knowledge of intuitive methods. My wish to learn more about Folklore, Mythology and Shamanic Techniques brought me to Ireland. I spent over a year studying and working there – and today include what I gathered in my speeches and rituals.

While I was in Ireland, my mother died unexpectedly. Head-over-heels and with the support of Irish friends I returned to Germany and dealt with all that I had to. I experienced procedures that I liked and some that I didn’t like. What I had learned about Irish grieving customs helped me design the service for my mother.

Her death showed me how important it is to me to see people and their lives honoured. To be present during their life’s events and demands and also to design the “thereafter”. To include all that is in my work. With stories and ceremonies, with listening and telling.

I am a Seanchaí.

My tale continues.




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