Death & Bereavement

“… And my soul spread wide its wings…” – J. v. Eichendorff

One key aspect of my work lies in counselling and supporting bereaved. I help to not only “get through” the often dramatic experience, but to actively contribute to the memorial. That way, a special space comes into being: For grief, but also for stories and memories to be preserved. For processing and a new beginning.

I collect and keep, counsel and lead through individually designed ceremonies. I accompany you and will not leave you alone in your grieving.

In my eyes, everything is allowed, nothing is wrong. So if you have special wishes or want to talk about extraordinary experiences, you will find me to be a faithful and discreet listener.

  • Creating and holding eulogies
  • Designing ceremonies
  • Documenting and keeping stories
  • Holding space for grief and memory, online and offline




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